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The Monthly Edit: January

Call it cliché, but I’m a firm believer in the importance of New Year’s resolutions. Whether they’re related to work, health, creative pursuits, or all of the above, there’s something about the act of goal setting that feels like turning the next page and starting anew.

Now that January is coming to a close, one of our priorities on the ReDesign blog is sharing more glimpses into the day-to-day inspirations that drive our work. From the imagery that’s stopped us in our tracks, to travel destinations on our wishlist, to personal style moments we’ve obsessed over, and so much more.

Taking cues from some of our favorites within the blogging space, we’re dubbing this series as our Monthly Edit, and can’t wait to share as this post series continues to take shape.


Finding fresh inspiration as a designer is a continuous commitment. I like to think of it as a necessary discipline that helps fuel my creativity and provide me with what could one day be the perfect launching point for a new project. Here is a small glimpse at my creative process as we begin every project.

This month, I wanted to start by curating a collection of imagery that caught my attention from a color, texture, lighting, and mood perspective. I’m always drawn to what’s simple but interesting with an unexpected twist—think a great looking light fixture, an unusual wall covering, a show stopping piece artwork, a stunning vintage accent piece, or anything in between.

We pull inspiration, naturally, from all over the world. Most of our project include one of a kind finds from our European travels and we've begun to stock them in The Shop so you can take a piece of those travels home with you. Here is a sneak peek at some of the items we've been loving most lately:


Shop My Interiors Edit



In 2018, my family and I visited the gorgeous Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of southern France and loved every minute. We were surrounded by so many elements I love about design, and taking in the region’s colors, textures, sounds, scenery, weather, and of course, the food felt like living in a dream. We strolled the open-air markets of Nice, dined in fine neighborhood bistros, caught sight of the lavender fields in Valensole, and enjoyed endless moments of inspiration that continue to be some of my fondest travel memories.

Our family is planning another visit to France—with the obvious detour in Italy!—and I’m so excited for the opportunity to discover beautiful places with the ones I love most.


During these long, wintery days, I find myself gravitating towards a more light-colored wardrobe with the coziest textures. The lighter-toned textiles help juxtapose the moody season and have become a staple of my winter style.


Personal Style Edit



As previously mentioned, goal setting is a big part of my New Year routine, and this season I’m shifting my efforts to focus on organization, health, and family time. Year after year, I’ve found making space for these three areas is so important in helping me live a well-balanced life. Whether it looks like developing a consistent workout routine or playing fun music while I cook with my kids in the kitchen, I always consider it to be time well spent.


Self Care Edit



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