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The September Edit

In the mid-west, September brings a quick change of seasons. One minute we're on the lake in our swim suits, the next bundled up by the fire. What starts as a slow, gradual shift becomes swift and sightly, with leaves changing colors as quickly as the light does. I love the changing of the seasons because the turnover always sparks creativity - the necessary additional layers makes me think about new textures, while the color change sparks an interest in new jewel tone combinations as well.

To me, fall is moody and I love that dark, cozy vibe. However, the last few weeks I have found myself longing for a reignited spark of creativity and inspiration. As I most often do when feeling a bit uninspired, I turn to food. The amazing blog 'Our Food Stories' is the perfect place to start - their gorgeous photos and presentations sent me down a path of plum palettes and cozy jewel tones that gave me the spark I longed for.

The gorgeous jewel tones of fall's harvest bring me not only creativity in my cooking, but fuel creativity in our interior design projects. While we are known for neutral spaces that feel layered, cozy and curated,  we are deeply fond of saturated spaces enveloped in rich color. As with everything else in life, the key is finding the balance - finding the balance in color that brings a space alive with the richness that a vibrant textile or bold wall color can provide. A neutral palette can make these spaces feel even more special as you experience the connection between the two!

source: Design by Stephen Shadley / Photography by François Dischinger

source: Design by Melissa Sellars / Photography by Miguel Flores-Viana

Pulling inspiration from these rich hues, I've curated this month's inspiration board and sourced a product roundup to hopefully, inspire you as well. Pairing dynamic textures in natural materials with a few well curated jewel toned items may be all you need to transition decor to fall.






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