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Monthly Edit: March

As the devastating pandemic events continue to unfold both here and across the world, my heart breaks for all those affected during this most unsettling time. As you probably know, my family and friends reside back in my beloved home of Italy and now we're now officially on mandatory shelter in place here in Illinois. It’s incredible how quickly these moments serve to shift perspective, as we’ve found ourselves turning towards the refuge of home, and more importantly, our loved ones within it.

While our blog space is primarily filled with exciting project reveals and curated moments of inspiration, we also want this to be a space where beauty and vulnerability can coexist. To that end, I'm dedicating March’s monthly edit post to the things I hold most dear. You’ll find beautiful imagery, yes, but you’ll also find moments to remind us that true happiness is in the comfort of having a place to call home, shared with those you love most.

Wishing you health, safety, and comfort in the days ahead.


This pairing of imagery is best summed up as homey views we absolutely adore. They inspire a sense of comfort and simplicity, both of which are necessary elements to the way we approach our work. As an embodiment of those same ideals, Ethnicraft is a furniture company that always conveys warmth and emotion through their designs, inspiring us time and time again.

To complement our homey views vibe, I found myself captivated by imagery from food and lifestyle blogger, Aran Goyoaga. Hailing from northern Spain, Aran is no stranger to delicious cuisine, and centers her work on the emotional component of food and nourishment. Her blog feed has no shortage of gorgeous photography, and I can’t get enough of her work station, impeccably designed by Katie Hackworth.


Continuing our theme of comfort, as I think of my family and friends back home in Italy, I decided to curate interior finishes featuring more earthy and hearty elements. I wanted this collection to showcase beautiful elements found in nature, so I sourced very few man-made materials, outside of a few exquisite products crafted by artisans we love. Speaking of which, has there ever been a better time to support those incredible small artisans with our business? We certainly don’t think so.

Social distancing or not, spring is well on its way, and we’re crossing our fingers for days of sun and warmth ahead. As a nod to this in-between season, we rounded up a bright color palette with subtle floral motifs, while continuing to embrace the coziness of a velvet settee and warm wooden finishes.


Earthy, Natural Home



Our penchant for neutral-toned fashion has been very well-established, but as we approach the busy styling season, the combination of comfort, simplicity, and function is absolute key. In the coming weeks, many of our projects will shift from the demo and construction phase to on-site styling, making functional fashion even more essential. As we wait for “all clear” signs, we prepare to step into this next phase, we’re so excited to put the finishing touches on a few projects we’ve had in the works since the early days of 2019.




Shoes + Accessories





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