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Outdoor Entertaining Essentials

Outdoor living season is upon us, and it's time to freshen up our spaces. The last year taught us all how useful an outdoor space can be for entertaining or just enjoying ourselves, and when we treat them as we would any other space in our home, their potential is endless.

outdoor living space

Essential #1: Comfortable Furnishings

There are so many great options in durable outdoor furnishings that there is no reason not to furnish your space as stylishly and comfortably as you would an indoor room. We like to add texture and color through textiles like pillows and throws and large rugs. Keeping baskets nearby is useful for stashing anything you might not want to leave out and exposed and makes transporting in and out of doors simple. Try using a large sectional to anchor the space, then add an interesting chair for contrast. Any notes of nature are welcome, of course, like the side table that resembles a tree trunk here, and the natural stone surface of the coffee table.


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modern lake house

Essential #2: Adequate Lighting

In much the same way that we furnish an outdoor space with as much consideration as an indoor one, choosing adequate lighting options is just as important, if not more so. We like to choose the most visible fixtures in accordance with the architectural style of the home, but don't forget that other options such as string lights and landscape lights can highlight pleasing features of your home or garden space, and add critical ambient lighting as the sun goes down on your gathering. If possible, adding a hanging lantern over a dining table or seating area is a creative way to add style and coziness.


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outdoor kitchen and dining space

Essential #3: Accessories

The final layer of any decor project is the accessory layer, and outdoor is no different. You may choose to keep shatter-proof dishware on hand for outdoor gatherings, and we especially like enamelware for it's nostalgic quality and proven durability. We often employ baskets or trays with handles for transporting food and drinks to and fro, and let's not forget how much a well-appointed picnic bag or basket will add to an outdoor dining experience! Even if you don't have space for a large garden, a grouping of large planters with flowering plants will add color, texture, and authenticity to a garden space.

All photos by Ryan McDonald


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