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Kitchen Lighting: Do and Don't

cottage kitchen by reDesign Home

The kitchen is no place for inadequate lighting, yet the space also requires a variety of options for different scenarios. Bright for cooking and cleaning, darker and moodier for a cozy gathering, and everything in between. Here are our tips for creating a lighting plan that will suit your needs and add personality and layers to your space.

Don't: Rely too heavily on canned lighting. While it offers a light source, it is a missed opportunity when it comes to style. We know that it is unavoidable in some cases, but it's best to prioritize a multi-use fixture.

Do: Add sconces over your workspaces. Overhead lighting can cast a shadow when it is located behind you, so strategically-placed sconces are much more functional. We especially like to use them over a sink -- even better if they are over a set of windows. Over the range, lighting can be incorporated into the hood, but if space allows, sconces can work here, too.


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charming kitchen by reDesign Home

Photo by Ryan McDonald

Don't: Neglect the need for ambient lighting. While task lighting will be the workhorse of the kitchen, ambient lighting is important for illuminating the entire space, and should be installed on a dimmer so it is bright when needed but can be dimmed for a moodier atmosphere. This can include flushmounts, semi-flushmounts, pendants, and chandeliers. Consider including them in walkways that connect to other spaces, over the island, or over any eating spaces.

Do: Utilize pendant lighting over your island. A well-chosen pendant can provide ambient lighting as well as task lighting, and also make a strong decorative statement. Don't miss the opportunity to add depth and height variation to your lighting plan and plenty of personality to your kitchen.


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modern kitchen by reDesign Home

Photo by Ryan McDonald

Do: Add coziness with countertop lamps. Either large or small, placing a lamp on the kitchen counter is a fun and unexpected way to add coziness and style. Especially in an open floor plan, a lamp on the counter offers that extra layer of lighting that will feel especially nice as you wind down in the evening or during a dinner party, when strong overhead lighting would be too harsh.


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