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Chicago Classy

Chicago, IL

Purchasing and moving into a new house is equally exciting and stressful experience but doing so during a Pandemic and while welcoming a second child, and then a third, well that brings a whole new scenario into such journey.

A young couple with young children reached out to reDesign home seeking assistance with furnishing, decorating and a few space planning dilemma that needed solutions. The new home, sitting on a double lot in the Chicago neighborhood of Ravenswood featured an open concept layout, bright and light finishes but lacked personal touches and functionality for the growing family. reDesign home thoughtfully created a comfortable, beautiful space for the family and guests to grow into and enjoy while doing so. Included in the scope of project: space planning, new built walk-in pantry design, selecting additional finishes, creating a new lighting scheme, custom designing furniture, area rugs and window treatments, and styling the carefully curated collection of furniture and décor.

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