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The Monthly Edit: February

Here in the Midwest, we’re deep in the throes of a long winter, so it's no surprise I’ve found myself gravitating towards inspiration with a definite homebody vibe. From the coziest living spaces to delicious recipes to soulful playlists, I love finding unexpected ways to lift my winter spirits, and today I’m sharing a few of my absolute favorites.

As the second installment of our Monthly Edit series, we’re dedicating this post to all things cozy in interiors, style, self-care, and beyond. So without any further adieu, scroll on and consider this your unofficial guide to inspired winter living.


I often find that sourcing inspiration is a visual escape, of sorts. It allows me to think outside my typical style categories and draw fresh concepts from even the most unassuming places.

Because February was my chance to take over our monthly favorites, this month’s collection of imagery was all about capturing a darker, moodier, more vibrant aesthetic. I was drawn to spaces that would allow you to take a seat and happily lose track of time—well-worn spaces filled with books and collected treasures that felt thoughtfully curated yet completely inviting.

This month, I also happened to come across this image from Our Food Stories blog, and everything about the mood, colors, textures, and eclectic nature immediately captured my attention.

Images Sources: one | two


While I love a beautifully curated wardrobe as much as the next woman, my wintertime style all comes down to coziness and warmth. I look for pieces that can go from client meetings to my kids’ basketball bleachers, all while delivering in both function and style. Last month, Alessia shared her longtime love of neutral-toned clothing, and I agree that taking a minimalist approach is the key to feeling chic, despite the dreary weather.


I consider music a massive influence in my life—a vehicle to connect, reflect, relax, and inspire. My favorite albums and playlists are often therapeutic, and one of my favorite forms of wintertime self-care.

While both my husband and I have admittedly eclectic music tastes, you’ll always find something playing at our house. We’re also live music fanatics, and our most recent concert was seeing The Lumineers. Their third album has gotten a lot of play in our home over the past few months, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon. The storytelling is so raw, vibrant, and beautiful. It’s intense, but also inspiring. If you’re searching for a new soundtrack to this season, I can’t recommend their album enough.


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