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PROJECT REVEAL: A contemporary-country style kitchen renovation

As we laid the groundwork for this kitchen renovation, our clients’ vision for a beautiful yet entirely functional gathering point served as our guiding principle. They envisioned a family-oriented space that spoke to their clean and clutter-free aesthetic, with ample room for meal prepping, entertaining, and spending quality time with those they love most. You might be surprised to learn that this three and a half month project was our fastest kitchen remodel to date. It all came together seamlessly thanks to our collaborative work with the homeowners’ incredible builder, cabinetry marker and metal fabricator, each of whom helped us bring this redesign to life.

Of course, the existing space presented some unique challenges with scale, style, and traffic flow topping the list. While the kitchen featured a sizable layout, the original upper cabinetry and appliances were too small to scale, while the awkwardly shaped kitchen island included minimal seating options. Another primary concern for our clients was the disrupted traffic flow between the butler pantry, pantry and kitchen, in addition to the main window, which sorely lacked visual interest.

We began the reDesign process by reconfiguring the pantry door for direct access from the kitchen and dedicated a separate bar area in the butler pantry. The butler pantry was transformed into an unofficial bar area with floor-to-ceiling tile work on all four walls. To complement the look, the upper metal cabinetry features a backless look to continue a European tile work vibe.

We also introduced a large built-in hood over the cook station, which worked as a focal point to create balance with the family room fireplace located opposite to the space. The kitchen island was reimagined with a larger footprint to allow for more seating and became a standout feature of the redesign, thanks to its unique look and finish selections. As for the kitchen window? We sought to elevate its aesthetic with the introduction of millwork that connected design elements throughout the kitchen and bar for a more seamless look and feel.

When it came to final selections, we took our clients to tour showrooms at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago, giving us the ability to compare a wide variety of selections in person. We love providing our homeowners with the opportunity of a day-tour to assist with those important selections, and this trip led us to the stunning Perrin & Rowe faucet and Armac Martin hardware, both of which were featured in the final design.

Our homeowners’ main wish-list items included wooden floating shelving and white cabinetry. When selecting white paint, we requested the cabinetry maker match the color taken from a piece of crown molding removed during construction, which provided a flawless transition from existing to new. Their wish-list also included tasteful but low-maintenance countertops, which led us to a combination of quartzite and porcelain as the winning selection. Above all, our homeowners wanted to minimize chaos and clutter throughout their kitchen, keeping countertops free of papers and food. To help achieve a clean everyday look, we made sure to integrate many clever storage elements throughout the design.

Upon installation and final reveal, our homeowners’ response was overwhelming excitement as they now enjoy a kitchen that complements their beautiful tastes and lifestyle.




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Stunning space. Is the kitchen runner a vintage rug?! Love the neutral beauty.

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